Are you a lover of the arts? Do you believe in supporting local artists and creatives? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you to show your support! The Long Beach Arts Council, in collaboration with local artist Mario Ybarra Jr., has released a line of t-shirts and hoodies that not only look amazing, but also support the arts in our community.

By purchasing one of these stylish and unique pieces, not only will you be adding a statement piece to your wardrobe, but you will also be contributing to the growth and sustainability of the arts in Long Beach. Every penny of the proceeds from your purchase will go directly towards funding the Arts Council’s programming, which includes art exhibitions, performances, and educational opportunities for local youth.

So why not wear your support for the arts on your sleeve (or chest)? By purchasing a t-shirt or hoodie from the Long Beach Arts Council, you are not only making a fashion statement, but also a statement about the importance of keeping the arts alive and thriving in our community. Join us in our mission to promote and support the arts, one purchase at a time.

Arts Council for Long Beach | Official Merchandise | Bonfire

Sharing is Caring White Ink

Sharing is Caring Black Ink