The City of Long Beach is excited to announce the opening of the voting period for the Creative Economy Grants – Public Mural Program. From now until July 8, 2024, community members can vote for one of three mural choices per district. Your vote will help decide the new murals that will adorn public facilities citywide, reflecting our local communities’ vibrant and diverse spirit.

Announcing the Selected Artists

We are thrilled to share that 27 talented artists have been selected to advance to the final selection round in the Long Beach Recovery Act Mural Program. Each council district will present three mural options created by three different artists, giving the community a range of artistic visions to choose from. This is a unique opportunity to directly influence the artistic landscape of your neighborhood.

About the Public Mural Program

The Arts Council for Long Beach (ArtsLB) is proud to administer the Creative Economy Grants program which includes a $135,000 allocation for the Public Mural Program. This initiative allows artists to create new mural artwork on public facilities across the city. The goal is to beautify our city while celebrating and representing the unique identities of our neighborhoods.

How to Vote

Voting is easy! Click on the links below to view the mural choices for each district and cast your vote. Remember, you can vote for one mural per district, so be sure to review all options and choose the one you feel best represents your community.

Voting Links

  • District 1 – Senior Center at 125 Elm Ave.
  • District 2 – Bixby Park at 130 Cherry Ave.
  • District 3 – Recreation Park at 4900 E. 7th St. 
  • District 4 – El Dorado Park at 2800 N Studebaker Rd
  • District 5 – Heartwell Park at 5801 E. Parkcrest St. 
  • District 6 – Gymnasium at McBride Park at 1550 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.
  • District 7 – Multi-Service Center at 1301 W 12th St.
  • District 8 – Davenport Park at 2910 E 55th Way
  • District 9 – Ramona Park at 3301 E 65th St.

Check out all available sites at

Why Your Vote Matters

The City of Long Beach encourages all residents to participate in this voting process. The new murals will enhance our city’s visual landscape and serve as a testament to the local culture, history, and diversity. By voting, you ensure that the selected artwork truly reflects the values and identity of your community.

Closing Date

Take your chance to have a say in the artistic future of Long Beach! The voting period will close on July 8, 2024. Make your voice heard and help shape the cultural landscape of our city.

Thank you for participating and supporting the creation of Long Beach as a more beautiful and vibrant place to live. Stay connected with the Arts Council for Long Beach and the City of Long Beach’s official channels for further details and updates.

Let’s come together to celebrate and uplift our community through art!

Need Help?

As part of the city’s ongoing efforts to support recovery-related programs, the City of Long Beach is partnering with ArtsLB to offer free assistance to residents interested in completing the survey. If you need help or have any questions about the voting process, please contact ArtsLB at:

About the Long Beach Recovery Act

This opportunity is made possible by the Long Beach Recovery Act (Recovery Act) Creative Economy Grants program, a comprehensive plan designed to fund economic and public health initiatives for residents, workers, and businesses critically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The City allocated  $135,000 to the Public Mural Program. The Recovery Act is a vital part of Long Beach’s efforts to rebuild and strengthen our community, ensuring everyone can thrive in a post-pandemic world. For more information about the Long Beach Recovery Act, please visit