Objective: We are looking for artists and collectives to participate as a pop-up vendor in the 2nd Saturday Art Walk January – March 2022. The program is designed to uplift and celebrate the community by bringing together artists and small businesses to activate the East Village Downtown area. Our goal is to promote artists living in Long Beach, build connections between artists, businesses and audiences, cultivate unique opportunities for art to be shown and appreciated, and transform Long Beach through public art and programming that showcases the city’s creative network.

Location: East Village Arts Park and Downtown East Village Long Beach (see map)

Timing: January 8, February 12 and March 12, 2022

Eligibility: This opportunity is open to artists residing or working in the Greater Long Beach area; age 18 and older that have the following:

  • Valid Sellers Permit
  • Website/ Social Media Link
  • Set-Up: easy-up tent/ pop-up table 8-10 ft
  • Accept payments (examples: Venmo, Square, PayPal, etc…)

All proposals submitted for the Art Walk Call should enhance, highlight and showcase the diverse and vibrant Long Beach creative scene. It is important to the Arts Council for Long Beach for public artwork to offer a source of inspiration and pride for the community and patrons alike. As the city navigates the ebb and flow of new construction and old community, the revitalization and re-connection of our Long Beach community is of utmost importance.

Outreach: Arts Council has partnered with businesses in the Downtown and East Village Arts District to promote the LB Art Walk and artists that participate.

For questions about the LB Art Walk please contact Brandie Davison at davisonbrandie@gmail.com.