Artist Registry FAQ

Have questions about the Artist Registry or the registration form? Check out answers to frequently asked questions, instructions on how to edit your profile, and tips on getting the most out of your profile.

Creating an Artist Registry profile

Information about creating and submitting your Artist Registry profile. Need more help? Watch our pre-recorded technical assistance workshop on completing your Artist Registry submission:

How do I save my entry to finish later?

To save your entry and return to finish entering your information later, click the “Save and Continue Later” link that appears at the bottom of the registration form, near the submit button. That will generate a new page with a unique link containing the text and selections you have already made. (Note: Images you have uploaded are NOT able to be saved. You will need to upload them again.)


You can also enter your email address to have the link emailed to you. The link will be available for 30 days after it is generated.

What genre of artists can be listed?

Long Beach-based artists of all genres are invited to apply. The primary categories are: Visual Arts, Literary Arts, Folk & Traditional Arts, and Performing Arts. If your specific genre or category is not available, please contact us!

Will I be able to edit my artist profile after it is published?

Yes. When your submission is approved, you will receive an email containing your login credentials, and a link to login. PLEASE SAVE THIS EMAIL. You will be able to reset your password if you forget it.

View the instructions below for information on how to edit your published profile.

Does it cost anything to be in the Artist Registry?

The Arts Council for Long Beach is proud to support artists who live and work in Long Beach. There are no fees to be listed in the ACLB Artist Registry.

Do I need to live in Long Beach?

The Arts Council for Long Beach serves Long Beach artists. In order to qualify for inclusion in the ACLB Artist Registry, you must live in Long Beach.

Some exceptions can be made for artists that don’t live in Long Beach, if they do a significant amount of work, exhibiting, or teaching in Long Beach. If you do not live in Long Beach, but believe that you qualify, please be sure to include information on your Long Beach-based work when submitting your form.

What are the requirements to be included in the ACLB Artist Registry?

The core requirements for inclusion in the Artist Registry is providing three (3) samples of work for each primary category. For example, if an artist were both a performing artist and a visual artist, they would submit three samples of their work as a performing artist and three samples of their work as a visual artist.

Samples of work can include an image of the work, a link to a review or an article, an embedded video or audio track, and image of a performance, etc.  If you feel there is no way to provide samples of your work, please contact us.


How are the Artist Registry submissions reviewed?

Each submission to the Artist Registry is reviewed individually by a staff member of the Arts Council. We review primarily for completion, any content that violates the Terms of Service, and to be sure the work samples are as described and entered properly.

Tips for creating your Artist Registry profile

  • Show examples of your work to prevent the viewer from passing up your page.
  • Links do not look good. Is your profile full of links rather than previews? In our world of quick swipes, too many links on your page will get you passed up for another page that does have content.
  • Are you a musician or dancer? Add your videos in the “video link” drop down tab so viewers will be able to view your video right from your page.
  • How does your artist’s statement compare to others?
  • Is your statement a single line or a short paragraph explaining what you do?
  • This is your chance to explain and sell your work. Does your statement encourage the viewer to scroll down your page to view it entirely?
  • Are you a multidisciplinary artist? Submit one preview or image for every genre of art you dabble in. This is the time to show off all of your skills.

Editing an existing Artist Registry profile

Information about managing and editing your already published Artist Registry profile.

Access your Artist Registry profile

  1. Login to update your Artist Registry profile here:
  2. In the Username or Email field, you can use either the username you chose upon registering or the email address you used to register.
  3. Enter the password you selected upon registering.


  • You will be logging in to the website, and once you log in, the backend of the site will look like a WordPress website. You will only have the ability to edit your profile.
  • As you are only able to update your Artist Registry profile, you may receive an error message saying you do not have authorization to make changes. Ignore that message and continue editing.
  • If you have forgotten your username or password, you can reset your password by clicking “Forgot Password” from the login screen and entering the email address that you used to register. Your username will be sent to you along with a link to update your password.

Edit your Artist Registry profile

  1. Once you are logged in to the website, click “Artists” from the left sidebar.
  2. Select your profile, either by scrolling or using the Search box. 
  3. Click your profile name or click “Edit Profile” underneath your profile name. 
  4. Edit your profile as needed. 
  5. Submit your changes by clicking the blue “Update” button in the right sidebar. 
  6. Your changes will be reviewed by Arts Council staff prior to being published, and you will be notified when your changes are live


    • Your changes will be reviewed by Arts Council staff prior to being published, and you will be notified when your changes are live