Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director (ED) is a part-time role that regularly
partners with the Artistic Director (AD) in providing overall leadership to the South Coast Chorale
(SCC). The ED will be responsible for direct management of all non-artistic areas and will
execute operational strategies, manage volunteers and administrative staff, and establish
relationships with local, regional, and national arts and LGBTQ organizations.
Additional responsibilities include audience development, marketing/advertising management,
fundraising planning and execution, external and community relations, and the organization’s
overall operational, financial, and administrative management.
In partnership with the AD and the Board, the ED will serve as a guide in the growth, public
image, and increased brand awareness of the South Coast Chorale through demonstrated
commitment to the organization’s mission, vision, and values.
Individuality is celebrated at the South Coast Chorale, and the Executive Director should have a
well-rounded set of competencies that brings a unique perspective to the organization.
Minimum qualifications:
● Results-oriented – set, pursue, and reach goals with an optimistic and can-do attitude.
● Self-driven – get things done and meet deadlines without regular oversight.
● People person – find joy in collaboration and working with others.
● Tech savvy – proficient in standard computer programs and electronic communication
● Passionate – understand, embody, and demonstrate a passion for the Chorale’s mission,
vision, and Harmony and Belonging initiatives.
● Inspirational – engage others and invite participation through a shared vision.
● Clear communicator – speak, listen, and write in a clear, thorough, and timely manner.
● Professional – model ethical behavior and business practices.
● Creativity, flexibility, enthusiasm, and humor – also crucial and appreciated!
Desirable qualifications:
● Experience managing a nonprofit organization, preferably in the performing arts.
● Demonstrated leadership and support of the LGBTQ community.
● Proven track record of developing or propelling organizational growth and sustainability.
● Comfort driving financial development and leading by example to secure contributed
revenue from multiple sources.
● Knowledge of the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).
● Understand the laws, rules, and regulations governing the operation of a California
501(c)3 organization.
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Executive Director
Management and Operations
Direct and manage all aspects of the organization’s operations, office, and administration.
● Plan and oversee all day-to-day operations to ensure that members, patrons, and other
community entities have a first-class experience any time they interact with the
● Plan and execute operational aspects of concerts, events, and activities, including facility
rentals, equipment rentals, and community partnerships.
● Ensure the organization is effectively structured and staffed with paid employees, interns
and/or volunteers.
● In partnership with the Artistic Director and Board of Directors, develop, implement, and
monitor a long-term strategic and short-term operating plan, and assume joint
responsibility for its progress.
Marketing and Public Relations
Oversee all marketing and public relations activities for the organization.
● Develop and execute plans to grow the Chorale’s membership and audience by
identifying target markets and implementing marketing and PR programs.
● Partner with the AD to increase brand awareness and communicate the organization’s
work, mission, and strategic plan to the public.
● Cultivate good relations with local media and act as spokesperson for the organization
with community and regional arts organizations, educational institutions, businesses,
foundations, government agencies, and other stakeholders.
● Work with staff, interns, and volunteers to grow and solidify a regular and sustainable
social media presence.
● Ensure regular communication with patrons & supporters via digital marketing tools.
Development and Fundraising
Assume a leading and active role in financial development in partnership with the Board.
● Identify and effectively act upon appropriate funding programs and opportunities from
individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies.
● Cultivate, solicit, and maintain strong relationships with individual, corporate, foundation,
and government donors and sponsors.
● Pursue collaborative development opportunities with other community entities.
Financial Management
Monitor and maintain the organization’s cash flow, overall budget, and financial resources.
● Create and present appropriate balance sheets, income statements, and other financial
oversight tools to the Board on a regular and timely basis.
● In partnership with the AD and Board, develop an annual budget and business plan.
● Ensure financial controls are in place to maintain oversight and ethical use of funds.
● Provide oversight and supervision of bookkeeping and accounting in accordance with
accepted accounting principles for nonprofits.
● In partnership with the Board and AD, represent and negotiate contractual matters.
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Outreach and Education
In partnership with the Artistic Director, create and execute plans to ensure a systematic, valuesbased approach to outreach and education.
● Seek and develop partnerships with community arts, education, and cultural
organizations to advance the Chorale’s outreach activities.
● Represent the organization at community events in a manner that enhances its reputation
and standing in the community.
Act as a support resource for the Board of Directors. Stimulate Board member involvement,
recruit new members, and work closely with the Board and AD to ensure robust leadership
infrastructure and maintain long-term organizational success.
● Provide concise, relevant, and timely information to the Board to fulfill its policy and
decision-making responsibilities.
● Actively assist in Board succession planning, cultivation, and recruitment to develop
Board members whose skills, experience, financial connections, diversity, and capacity
meet the organization’s needs.
● Assist Board committees in developing and implementing their goals and objectives.
● Celebrate the successes of individual Board members and the Board as a whole in
recognizing their contribution of time and resources as community ambassadors for the
Part-time hourly role with an estimated 10-12 hours per week. Compensation based on
experience with an annual target compensation of $10,000 to $12,000. No health insurance will
be provided.
Email a resume and a brief statement describing why you should be selected for this position
to jobs@southcoastchorale.org.
Position will be open until filled. First consideration will be given to applications received
by Wednesday, September 15, 2021.