Our team here at Arts Council for Long Beach is so excited to tell you about Long Beach Gives! We know many of you helped last year by making a gift. Thank you so much for your support! Some of you participated by giving a gift and by hosting and sharing your Peer-to-Peer fundraising page. Did you know that last year the Arts Council won a special cash prize by having the most P2P fundraisers for an organization in our size category! Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today, which is why we’d love for you to return this year.

Arts Council for Long Beach has been selected as one of the Long Beach Gives 2020 participants. We are gearing up for the big day on September 24, 2020. Save the date! We’re looking for volunteers to step up and become peer-to-peer (P2P fundraisers and of course we looked to our most valued supporters first. Being a P2P includes setting a personal fundraising goal, creating your own fundraising webpage (it’s easy, I promise), and sharing it with friends and family on social media and email. Also, Long Beach Gives created a P2P Campaign Guide for you that includes general instructions, tips & tricks, and sample messaging for your texting, emailing, and social media posting efforts.

The campaign will run for 24 hours (although the campaign site will open for early giving on September 17th) and we hope to raise $50,000 to help support the Arts Council in its ongoing mission to foster creativity and culture, enliven communities and enable a thriving creative economy in the city of Long Beach. 

Laura Nelson will be your contact person throughout the campaign. Contact Laura Nelson at (562) 435-2787, ext. 106 or Laura.Nelson@artslb.org for more information on joining us for Long Beach Gives Day.