REINVENTORY: The 2015 Professional Artist Fellowship Exhibition
A Project of the Arts Council for Long Beach
and the Museum of Latin American Art

Gallery hours: Wednesday–Saturday 11 a.m.–5.p.m
Exhibit runs thru August 29, 2015

The Arts Council for Long Beach selected five local artists to receive a 2014-15 Long Beach Professional Artist Fellowship through an independent review of annual grant applications for the Artist Fellowship Program.  Each artist received a cash stipend and an opportunity to share their work with the community at a exhibition at The Collaborative.

The Artist Fellowship honors a group of Long Beach’s living artists. These awards recognize exemplary artists for their recent work. Eligible artists must reside in Long Beach and demonstrate an active exhibition and/or production record of at least three years. Awards are granted based on artistic merit and professional achievement.

The exhibition at The Collaborative, entitled REINVENTORY, features the work of this year’s artist fellows – Yulya Dukhovny, Pamela K. Johnson, Olga Lah, Carole Frances Lung, and Sunny Nash.  These local artists represent a unique cross-section of the Long Beach artist community.  Together their work spans a broad variety of media and genres, namely toy theater, video, installation, textile, text and photography.  The variety in background and artistic practice emphasizes the diversity for which Long Beach is known.

REINVENTORY is curated by Long Beach artist group FLOOD.

Yulya Dukhovny
Artist, musician, and stage director, Yulya Dukhovny creates and performs “toy theater’ miniature shows and workshops for children and adults. Presented at theater festivals, galleries, museums, and schools, her work by way of reduction allows much larger issues and events to be explored and tackled.

Pamela K. Jonhnson
Journalist, photographer, and filmmaker, Pamela K. Johnson considers herself first and foremost a storyteller. The attribute that most informs her work is that of courage. “In old French, it means heart and innermost feelings; courage also serves as a metaphor for inner strength.”

Olga Lah
With site-specific installations that raise heightened awareness of an environment’s space and physicality, Olga Lah seeks to engender experiences that engage the senses through color, form, and dimension. Her work “evokes a presence that draws a viewer in through the narrative of a constructed space.”

Carole Frances Lung
Following the artistic lineage of Fluxus, Women’s House, and Joseph Beuys, Carole Frances Lung’s interdisciplinary approach is “grounded in a practice of careful listening, problem solving, skill sharing, and community building.” Her modes of expression include performance, installation, social sculpture, video, and objects.

Sunny Nash
A national speaker, former syndicated newspaper columnist, author, producer, and photographer, Sunny Nash uses, among other artistic practices, those of non-fiction writing, historical research and graphic design to support and amplify an artistic philosophy that seeks to balance the aesthetic with the didactic.