Open Conversations: Public Art

Hosted by: The Art Exchange: Learn Create Exchange
Where: 356 E. 3rd St., Long Beach, CA 90802
When: March 23, 5–6:30 p.m.

Join the Arts Council for Long Beach for presentations by three local artists, Susan Logoreci, Craig Stone and Terry Braunstein, followed by a discussion about public art in our city. The Arts Council looks forward to growing a civic arts program that is expansive and inclusive. Please register using this link.

Public art is a part of our public history, part of our evolving culture and our collective memory. It reflects and reveals our society and adds meaning to our cities. As artists respond to our times, they reflect their inner vision to the outside world, and they create a chronicle of our public experience.
Adapted from Public Art in Philadelphia by Penny Balkin Bach (Temple University Press, Philadelphia, 1992).

Susan Logoreci
Susan Logoreci’s drawings have been published in Art in America, the Los Angeles Times, Harper’s Magazine, McSweeney’s Quarterly Review, as well as many other periodicals. She has drawings in several collections including the U.S. State Department, City National Bank, Creative Artist’s Agency and in several law firms and urban design firms.

Recently she was commissioned by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission to create drawings for a psychiatric ward that serves adolescents in a public hospital. Prior to this, she was commissioned by Los Angeles Metro to create eight large drawings that were recreated into mosaic tile. They are located at the Sepulveda Station on the Expo Line in Los Angeles. She has also completed projects at Los Angeles International Airport commissioned by the Department of Cultural Affairs. She received her B.F.A. from the San Francisco Art Institute and her M.F.A. from Cal State Long Beach. She has lived, worked and exhibited in Los Angeles for over a decade.

Craig Stone
Craig Stone is a celebrated artist and interdisciplinary Professor of Art in the American Indian Studies Program and Department of Art. He is best known locally for Shadows Casting on the Shore, a project completed in 1995 and of which stained shadows of familiar images reflecting the relaxed atmosphere of Belmont Shore join tourists and residents alike.

Terry Braunstein
For the past 40 years, Terry Braunstein’s world of montage has been a discovery of deep truths hidden behind layers of seemingly disparate images – both ancient and modern. Braunstein is a philosopher as well as an artist – her creative weave of archetypes and ancient myths coupled with modern images found in the contemporary magazine sitting on our living room coffee table, gives us profound insight. The juxtaposition is often surprising and even humorous, reflecting how our own private, mundane world is actually connected to all of humanity, and how our life passages and experiences reflect universal themes.

Terry Braunstein has not only created art that connects diverse concepts and images, but it has evolved and expressed itself through incredibly diverse media. Where most artists work with perhaps one, two or even three media, her work has evolved through photography, painting, mosaic, printmaking, stone, steel, brass and even video. She has been creating books (both published as well as sculpted), installations in museums and on the street – photographs, sculpture and large permanent public art.

Image credit: LAX Termianl 1 by Susan Logoreci (left), Image Emergence: Promenade of Clouds by Craig Stone (center), Navyshpere by Terry Braunstein (right).