The Arts Council’s Microgrant program has received an increase in funding through the Percent for Arts Program! The Arts Council receives $26,000 annually from the City of Long Beach’s ongoing grants program and the microgrant program has received an additional $17,000 to total $43,000 in microgrant funding for the 2017–2018 Fiscal Year.

The Arts Council for Long Beach will be moving to a quarterly review system in September for the microgrant program. August will be the last month to submit a microgrant for monthly review. Submit by August 15 to hear back by September 15.

The new quarterly system will be as follows:

Cycle 1: Events Dates: October 1–December 31, 2018; Application Deadline: September 15

Cycle 2: Events Dates: January 1–March 31, 2019; Application Deadline: November 15

Cycle 3: Events Dates: April 1–June 30, 2019; Application Deadline: February 15

Cycle 4: Events Dates: July 1–September 30, 2019; Application Deadline: May 15

To submit an application visit the microgrant page.

Photo: Long Beach Youth Chorus, 2017–2018 Microgrant Recipient