By Brielle Biscocho and Judy Estrada

Manuel the Band is a rock jazz group that performs all over Southern California and compete in battle of the bands. They were the first-runner up at the Coachella Valley Showcase and won the 4th annual Surf City’s Got Talent competition. Most recently they performed at the Music Tastes Good 2018 Gold Stage and Jam in the Van.

What other artists were you excited to see at Music Tastes Good?

Manuel – Joey Bada$$
Matt – This Cherry Glazer playing right now
Brandon – Yeah, Cherry Glazer man they’re so funky.
Mike -Santigold, New Order…
Matt – James Blake
Mike – Blake Mills, one hundred percent!

If you could collaborate with any other Music Tastes Good artist who would you pick?
Mike – Blake Mills, one hundred percent!
Everyone – [Laughs]
ManuelBlcknoise! I’d LOVE to collaborate with Blcknoise.
Brandon – They’re local!

What is your favorite part about performing live?
Manuel – For me it’s the energy. It’s overwhelming how much BAM BAM can come out of this group so I think just the energy in general that everyone puts off just keeps us stoked to play.
Matt -Connecting with the audience for sure, making that connection.
Brandon – There are many minds in the room and being able to compromise and making beautiful sounds is an amazing thing.

How did you guys react when you found out you were going to be part of MTG?
Brandon – We were pretty happy.
Matt – We were really stoked! It’s Long Beach’s festival you know what I mean. And its Josh [Fischel]’s festival you know too. So were glad to do that in honor of him.

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
Manuel – I wanna go to Spain because I love that place.
Brandon – Red Rocks!
Matt – Red Rocks, Hollywood Bowl, or the Greek.
Manuel – Oh like a venue? Then Madison Square Garden! Hands down.

Have you had a chance to try out the food here?
Brandon – Yes! Tasty!
Manuel -I had a fiesta bowl.
Matt – I love the local panksha and ceviche. There’s tacos in there I haven’t had yet
Mike – Vietnamese tacos! Whatever it was it was unbelievable. Poke tacos or something like that?
Manuel – Yeah I got to try that out!

How does it feel performing on such a large stage in your hometown?
Manuel – I think that was the best part, that was an awesome feeling. Representing your city.
Matt – Seeing some friends and family in the audience was really nice, that doesn’t always happen.

Anything else you want to say?
Manuel – Performing was awesome! Follow our stuff @manueltheband, look out for new music! Coming out real soon!
Mike -Thank you Long Beach, for I don’t want to be cliche in saying making us who we are, but kind of making us who we are really!