Great news: Last January, following Mayor Garcia’s State of the City announcement to look into reinstating a percent for arts policy, Long Beach City Council voted unanimously to have City Manager Pat West create a feasibility study for the program. The Arts Council has been working closely with the City and is excited to announce that on Tuesday, December 20, City Manager Pat West will report on the feasibility of a new percent for the arts program! This program would set aside 1% of government capital improvement projects towards supporting local artists of all genres, museums, performance groups and public art. To show your support for the arts in Long Beach, change your social media profile picture to the 1% for the Arts image shown above. As always, we are committed to promoting and advocating for arts in order to foster creativity and culture, enlivening all communities in our city. For more information read the Gazette’s article “Long Beach Council’s Gift To Artists — A Percent For Arts“.