Art@Work’s fourth rotation, Knotted Dimensions, will showcase Long Beach based artist Katie Stubblefield and San Pedro artist Nancy Voegeli-Curran. IDEA’s beautiful office space sets the location for Stubblefield and Voegeli-Curran’s paintings and wall sculptures that blur the line between 2D and 3D in a discussion over the tangling, chaotic consumption of the natural world.

Nancy Voegeli-Curran uses mixed media and abstract forms to map visual, emotional, and psychological space. She refers to our complex and tenuous relationship with the natural world at present and its overall fragility. Through a build-up of layers, tension grows as dualities such as chaos and order, growth and decay, and containment and release are explored.

Katie Stubblefield also uses a variety of materials to explore order, chaos, and entropy. Her color-soaked oil paintings and value-based prints take visual cues from the natural resources she also uses in her sculptures, including salvaged trees, rebar, concrete, discarded clothes, deconstructed architecture and disused vehicle parts. Stubblefield’s imagery is informed by site visits, forensic photography, first-hand accounts and evidence of changed/damaged/evolving environments.

The Art@Work collaboration bridges two port hubs, Long Beach and San Pedro, through artistic representation. Co-Curated by AGCC and the Arts Council for Long Beach, each organization is given an opportunity to introduce an artist to a new audience. The curators pair artwork through the Arts Council for Long Beach’s Artist Registry with Angels Gate studio artists.

Photo: “Unruly Findings” by Nancy Voegeli-Curran (Left)
“Outburst” by Katie Stubblefield (Right)