Go Make Something, Kids! Is excited to present Long Beach, Unified, an art exhibition to be held at the Long Beach Community College Art Gallery. Long Beach, Unified features original art works from Go Make Something Kids! participants who represent the Leadership Academies of Franklin, Hamilton, Hoover, Marshall, and Washington middle schools.

Go Make Something Kids! Family & Community Art Day
The Long Beach, Unified exhibition will close with a Family & Community Art Day held on Saturday, April 22 from 11pm-3pm. This free, all ages event will feature various art inspired activities, music and light refreshments. We encourage children of all abilities and their families to join us in a day of celebrating and interacting with the arts.

Our goal is to engage and inspire community members to get involved with arts and service organizations local to Long Beach. As we head into the summer months, it is Important for the youth to know that there are outlets and programs offered throughout the city that match their areas of interest.

The Family & Community Art day will be a unique opportunity to increase visibility for these orgs and give community members an introduction to the arts community of Long Beach.