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Special Event FIGURE BOUND: Drawn to Rope. Kazami Ranki

June 13 @ 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm


Art-focused event

$40 Artist / $25 Audience Each
Website: https://ancientvinestudio.com/figure-bound/
RSVP: https://www.meetup.com/ancient-vine-studio-meetup-group/events/301006958/

Kazami Ranki is one of the best Shibari (Rope) artists in the world. We are honored and excited to have the talented Kazami Ranki here in Long Beach, CA. Kazami Ranki hails from Osaka Japan and is a world renowned Nawashi who developed his own style of tying over the last 35 years.

Artists: You are the focus artists. Come capture one the most talented Japanese Rope Artists in the world. Those participants in figure drawing at the studio are invited to show their pieces at the Friday performance and have them available for sale.

( contact seizo@lbshibaridojo to book your slot. )

Audience: You are welcome to witness a truly creative process. Kazami Ranki will envelope 2 models in rope in his individual style, as artists endeavor to capture the beauty of the moment. Please be aware that artists will be given priority and the rows closest to the models

Time: 6:30-10:30 pm. Doors open 6pm. Drawing starts at 7pm promptly.

Models: Favorites of the studio: Melinda & Kimme_Cole

Having 2 models will allow us to move continuously. We will change them out with each tie.

Location: 1219 Cherry Ave., Long Beach CA.

This is a working art studio so get ready for a unique location. We are down the alley. Park on the streets. There is no 2 hour time limit at night. Do not park in the parking lots. They tow.


Number Time length poses
8 2 min
5 5 min
3 10 min
1 20 min
1 20 min repeat last pose