The The Arts Council for Long Beach has created a COVID-19 Relief Fund for Long Beach Artists. The fund has currently raised $42,000 with contributions from the Arts Council for Long Beach, Edison International, Long Beach Community Foundation and the Uplift LB Fundraiser from the Long Beach Post.

Applications open Monday, May 18, 2020 and will be allocated until funds are exhausted. The application is available below. For grant guidelines and application requirements click here.

Please email for assistance on grant applications or questions about our grant process.

Please complete your submission as soon as possible. You will receive an email confirmation upon successful submission.

To save your entry to finish later, you must copy the link from the page that is displayed after clicking "Save and Continue Later" at the bottom of the form. We suggest sending the link to your email as well.

  • The individual or organization applying for the grant.
  • Primary contact person for the application
  • If you are selected for the grant you will be required to submit proof of address in Long Beach.
  • Please indicate the Council District where the administrative offices/studios for the project are located. View a current district map here.
  • PART II: Application

  • “Due to loss of income sources from the COVID-19 response, I need assistance covering basic needs, such as rent/housing/utilities, food/supplies, and/or medical expenses.”
  • Check all that apply
  • Screenshot of cancellation(s) from website or social media
    - or -
    Copy of email or cancellation notice(s) from venue/booker/hiring organization

    You may add up to 5 documents, in PDF, JPG, or PNG format. File size 5MB each. Note: To reduce the size of your file(s), use TinyPNG or SmallPDF.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, png.
  • List the lost income source(s) – include the type of lost income (performance, paid speaking gig, readings, exhibitions, festival/fair, and/or teaching artist wages).

    You MUST include:
    - The specific location/venue of the event(s) cancelled
    - The date(s) of event cancelled
    - The amount of income projected from each cancelled event
  • Approximately what percentage of your monthly income comes from your work as an artist?
  • How many years have you been working as a PAID freelance, part-time, or full- time artist?