The Arts Council for Long Beach has created a COVID-19 Relief Fund for Long Beach Artists and organizations. Since May of this year, the Arts Council dedicated over $50,000 to a relief fund for artists and the city’s allocation continues this much needed funding for artists and organizations of all genres. With the increased funding organizations are now eligible to apply. Funding for the grant is provided by: Arts Council for Long Beach, Long Beach Community Foundation, Edison International, Supervisor Janice Hah, Long Beach Post and Dark Arts Emporium. With the City’s contribution to the relief fund the Arts Council is able to provide $125,000 in relief to artists and organizations.

Applications open Monday, May 18, 2020 and will be allocated until funds are exhausted. The application is available below. For grant guidelines and application requirements click here.

Please email for assistance on grant applications or questions about our grant process.

This Application is no longer Available

The Artist COVID Relief Phase 3 is now available here.