What has transpired in the last two weeks has made an enormous impact on our lives, yet I know that as an arts community we have great skill in redirecting, of changing the course so that our art can continue to grow. You are all doing great work to ensure the safety of your community.  I would like to update you on what the Arts Council is working on to support our grantees, partners, and artists. 

We understand that arts funds aren’t merely supporting a performance or visual art experience, art grants are an investment in real change and positive growth within our great city. Arts Council for Long Beach feels it is important to let you know that health and safety are top of mind amid concerns about Covid-19. Updates for future events will be available on our website and social media platforms. 

It is imperative that we do not capitulate to the fear and misinformation currently spreading about COVID-19 which is resulting in an increased bias against individuals perceived to be from regions that are currently the most impacted. This is stereotyping plain and simple and runs contrary to our shared values as an organization. Stereotyping and bias are wrong and serve no purpose to further our community’s public health. Therefore, we encourage everyone to refer to the following sites for updated information about the virus.

In a proactive effort to minimize COVID-19 exposure, the City of Long Beach will expand on the guidance issued by Governor Gavin Newsom with regard to the management and subsequent cancellation and/or postponement of events with an estimated attendance of 250 or more people. Long Beach Health Officer, Dr. Anissa Davis, signed a declaration that prohibits all large-scale events in the city. This declaration is effective immediately and will remain in effect through April 30, 2020, unless further action is taken by the Health Officer to lessen or expand the order. 

The Arts Council for Long Beach is gathering a list of all canceled or postponed arts, cultural and creative economy events in Long Beach.

Canceled/postponed events include but are not limited to those listed below.

  • March 13- Interns in the Arts Luncheon
  • March 14- Art Theater- Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am
  • March 14- South Coast Chorale- Totally 90s Cabaret
  • March 14- Creative Warrior- Find Your Alive(!) Workshop
  • March 18- Art of Song
  • March 20-23 – West Coast Elite Dance
  • March 21 – Beach Streets University
  • March 21 – Long Beach POPS – Broadway Blockbusters
  • March 24-27 – NAPNAP Conference
  • March 27 – Funk N Funny Comedy & Concert
  • March 27-April 12 – Musical Theater West –MAME
  • March 28- Belcanto Books Author Reading
  • April 3-4  – Black and White Ball
  • April 5 – Stagepoint Productions Concert
  • April 7 – Cambodian New Year Parade
  • April 8-12 – Regional Dance America/Pacific
  • April 16- Belcanto Books Authors Dinner
  • April 17- Belcanto Books Authors Reading
  • April 18-30 – Disney on Ice
  • April 30 – Shen Yun 2020