For the second year in a row, the Office of Vice Mayor Rex Richardson is spearheading the Creative Corridor Challenge. This year Vice Mayor’s office is partnering with the Arts Council for Long Beach and California State University, Dominguez Hills to engage in an initiative that will improve the district through the installation of murals. Artists are invited to submit their ideas and qualifications for this exciting community initiative!


The Creative Corridor Challenge is looking for artists to contribute to the collection of neighborhood murals. Submissions will be considered by the Office of Vice Mayor Rex Richardson, the Arts Council for Long Beach and community residents. A team of community volunteers will be able to help each artist with their project. This year the Creative Corridor Challenge would like to see concepts that uplift, highlight and celebrate the vibrant history and culture of North Long Beach. Stipends are $4,500, which includes muralists fee and all purchases towards mural materials (including Novacolor primer, Novacolor varnish, ladders, scissor lifts, scaffolding, exterior latex or acrylic paint, aerosol paint et. al.)

Project Timeline:

  • September: Artist Call
  • October: Artists are invited to the community meeting to present concepts and residents rank concepts accordingly.
  • November – February: Project Execution
  • March: Mural Tour


Strong preference will be given to Long Beach residents or those with a connection to Long Beach. Special consideration will also be given to those with a connection to North Long Beach, whether current or past. Submissions due September 30, 2017.

For any questions, call Brent McCloud at 562-570-3319 or the Arts Council at 562-435-2787 ext.101