A live mural will be created via a community workshop/pop-up at the AOC7 Literacy Fair in MacArthur Park! The project will consist of a mural artist painting a community leader portrait. Alongside them a community mural project will be facilitated asking local community members – from youth to seniors – to paint parts of the portrait mural.

This activity is supported by the Cambodia Town Thrives committee.

Call for Mural Artists: Mural artists are invited to submit a proposal to create and paint one mural on one side of an 8ft x 8ft cube structure. Each artist must submit a description of the proposed mural, including the specific theme or subject matter, along with work samples showing the artist’s style. A sketch of the proposed mural itself is not required; however, it may be submitted if the artist chooses. Community art volunteers are available to assist each artist with their project. Each artist will be paid for their work, paint, and other supplies.

Project Timeline:
• April 29th, 2022: Application deadline at 11:59 PM
• May 9th, 2022: Artists notified if selected or rejected
• May 13th, 2022: Artist signs contract and submits proposal for 8x8ft mural
• May 21st, 2022 10am-2pm: Live Painting takes place at MacArthur Park

Artist Stipends
• Artist Labor: $1,000
• Art Supplies: $200

Proposals must prioritize the top Multi-Cultural Leaders on this list (also attached below): https://drive.google.com/file/d/12zvw_mXd0RuflK9-Ekw5BMjC-saUPJOM/view?usp=sharing

Submissions Due: April 29, 2022, 11:59 p.m.

Si tiene preguntas, contacte a publicart@artslb.org
មានសំណួរសូមអ៊ីមែល susana.sngiem@ucclb.org / danielluu8@yahoo.com