The City of Pasadena is seeking submissions of BOTH existing loaned artwork as well as proposals for new commissions public art!

Eligibility: California-based artists/artist teams

Budget: $8,000; $12,000

Artworks will be installed at existing outdoor sites throughout the Pasadena for a 36-month period.

Deadline: Sunday, January 15, 2023


This opportunity seeks both existing, loaned artworks, as well as proposals for new commissioned, site-responsive artworks in a variety of styles, materials, and
approaches from a diverse pool of professional artists/artist teams.  Artists will receive an honorarium of $8,000 for existing loaned artworks, and $12,000 for
commissioned artworks to cover all related costs.


As part of Series IV of the Rotating Public Art Program, the City will select six (6) existing, loaned artworks to be installed at various locations throughout the City.
Artworks should be already completed, engaging, sufficiently durable for placement outdoors and must allow for attachment to a structural footing at the
artwork site (see schematic for standard footing design for details).


In addition to loaned artworks, the City will commission two (2) original site-responsive artworks. These artworks will be placed outdoors and should consider the context of the artwork site and its relation to the community, environment, and/or audience. Applicants interested in proposing the creation of original sculptural artworks are asked to submit a Preliminary Artwork Concept and must include: 1) a written text narrative, and 2) visual representations in the form of digital renderings, photographs, sketches, physical models or maquettes that adequately demonstrate the proposed artwork. Applicants should consider scale, material, durability, safety and traffic concerns, and construction methods when submitting proposals. If selected, the artist/team will work with City Staff to refine their Preliminary Artwork Concept to appropriately fit the site.