We are excited to share that the Arts Council for Long Beach has been selected as one of only 14 organizations to administer the California Creative Corps Program, a pilot program funded by a $60 million one-time allocation for the California Arts Council to increase community health, environmental justice, social justice, and uplift specific communities, people with disabilities, or LGBTQIA2S+. This pilot program is an opportunity for organizations to expand and incorporate new programs with dedicated artists at their side.

The Arts Council for Long Beach will host a series of workshops. The first Virtual Technical Assistance Workshop is on February 16 at 4 pm. An in-person workshop will be held at the East LA County Library on February 18 in partnership with The Queer Mercado. We invite all interested applicants to attend. This is a great opportunity to learn more about eligibility, the application process, and ask questions. To RSVP for the workshop, visit: https://artslb.org/creative-corps/.

How Do I Know If My Organization is Eligible? 

We are seeking 30 nonprofit organizations that focus on the program goals mentioned above to collaborate with an individual artist or artist cohort on a year-long proposed project. The result will be a work of art that involves the organization’s target under-resourced communities and addresses one or more of the program goals.

The organization must be in Los Angeles County or Orange County to be eligible to apply and must demonstrate impact in communities that are in the lowest quartile of the California Healthy Places Index.

Organizations selected by the Arts Council for Long Beach for this funding will receive a $30,000 grant to assist in participating and cover operational expenses. 

I’m an Artist. How Do I Know If I’m Eligible? 

We are looking for artists or artist cohorts to submit a proposal for a year-long project in collaboration with a local nonprofit organization. Project proposals must have the ability to adapt to multiple organizations, as there is no guarantee that the artist will be paired with the organization of choice. 

Artists and artist cohorts must be located in, work with, or serve the areas with the lowest quartile as listed in the California Healthy Places Index. Applying artists should have strong ties to the communities they are proposing to work with, and artistic practice should be focused on one or more of the program goals. 
For those selected proposals, artists will receive a $50,000 grant. In addition, they will receive funds to support the implementation of the project and professional development during the course of the year-long project.

The application deadline for organizations is March 6, and the application deadline for artists is May 1. To RSVP to our workshops or learn more visit or visit https://artslb.org/creative-corps/.