The Dew Tour will bring local artists and the community together for a fun and free event open to the public from June 28–30.  Dew Tour is an innovative contest series and content platform that brings together the world’s best skateboarders, snowboarders, skiers, artists, brands, and fans to celebrate competition, culture, and creators.

Eric Trine of Amigo Modern and Long Beach local is an artist included in this year’s Dew Tour projects. He is designing the bar in the Lagoon (Dew’s culture area) as well as furniture.  Not only has his innovative designs gained notoriety, but his unique take on industrial design marketing has gained him worldwide attention within the industry.

Los Angeles-based artist and painter Luke Pelletier’s artwork is prominently featured in this year’s Dew Tour Long Beach logo, venue signage and branding, as well as within most of the 2018 Dew Tour merchandise and at Mountain Dew’s Creators Lab. Pelletier, who has always been surrounded by skate culture, is heavily influenced by the seasonal economies and the multi-level relationships between tourists and locals. Much of Pelletier’s art blurs the lines between celebrating and condemning a culture that agrees to be taken advantage of while equally taking advantage of other cultures. His work is filled with personal anecdotes, dark humor, both dualities, and contradictions.

Secret Walls is the world’s largest live art event where artists battle against each other in a dramatic, timed contest of artistic skill. This timed event features one white wall per team and nothing else except black markers or acrylic paint. For 12 years, Secret Walls has traveled the world staging these beautiful illustration battles to the delight of the crowd, who at the end of the 90-minute competition, decides the winner. The Secret Walls event will be held on Friday, June 29 at 5 p.m.

Dew Tour Future Innovators is a STEAM-based program – which uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math as access points for teaching students. The program was created last year in collaboration with Long Beach Unified School District, which brings approximately 250 high school students from the district to Dew Tour for exclusive access to speakers, athletes and the venue itself. This year’s Future Innovators day will be held Thursday, June 28 before the venue opens to the public.

Part of the student’s morning will include School Walls, which follows the same rules as its parent competition Secret Walls, yet aims to nurture the talents of school students. Members of the Secret Walls team encourage students to illustrate and inform them about the negative impact of graffiti and vandalism. They will see that Secret Walls competitions extract the same elements and thrills that wall-taggers or train-bombers seek, but placed instead in a spectated, legal space.

The Dew Tour has also partnered with Boarding 4 Breast Cancer giving Long Beach artists a chance to transform blank decks into works of art for charity. For more information follow our link: