My work embodies a point of convergence between three continents and multiple visual languages, guided by a dedication to exploring the commonalities between marginalized communities and honoring ancestral knowledge. As a multidisciplinary transcontinental Iranian painter and muralist who has lived and worked in the Middle East as well as both North and South America, I am always interested in multiplicity. Complexity. Intersections. I look to our collective memory for solutions to modern challenges and struggles. I am interested in themes such as memory, (im)migration, water, healing, textiles, trauma, and genealogy.

I am passionately dedicated to advancing the narratives of diverse communities whose stories and needs have historically been marginalized and to connect these expressions with the unique ecologies of our planet. As a public artist, I deeply believe in the power of murals in particular, not only as a democratically accessible art form, but also as a means of rewriting narratives – so that the communal interaction that is implied in the creation of public art is an expression of transformative social and cultural intervention.


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Cambodia Town Mural Project (2017)
Mural painted as part of the Cambodia Town Mural Project in Long Beach, California in June 2017

Inversion of Self (2018)
Mixed media on canvas

Mural at Mother Road Market (2018)
Mural painted for Mother Road Market in Tulsa, Oklahoma