Zikomo is known for his eclectic sound that changes a song into something new and defines it as his own. He conceals his identity with his definable red mask (Naruto) lending all the focus toward his music rather than appearance. By combining the styles of soul, hip-hop, electronic and reggae he has reached over 20 million plays on all streaming platforms combined. His productions have also been featured on Apple Music’s Beats 1, KCRW, BBC radio, Rinse FM, Complex, Soulection, Pigeons and Planes & more.

Zikomo has traveled extensively around the United States as well as internationally to perform his music. Zikomo has performed in South Korea, Amsterdam, Canada, and South Africa- where he has led panel discussions as well. Zikomo has performed locally in Long Beach and at Los Angeles venues such as, The Echoplex, The Roxy, and The Regent Theater.

Zikomo’s expansive knowledge of music has led him to being invited as a guest speaker and instructor to a UCLA panel discussion and workshop for Hip-Hop Appreciation Month. He also assisted in developing a proposal for the UCLA Music Industry Clinic that currently provides free legal services to artists that need assistance. Zikomo hopes to use his experiences and music to inspire others and represent his city, Long Beach.


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Childish Gambino - Terrified (Zikomo Remix) (2016)

Link to Childish Gambino - Terrified (Zikomo Remix)

Hit The Ceiling (Zikomo Remix) (2017)
For "Hit The Ceiling," Zikomo and Kenny Dope get their hands on the track and take it even higher Zikomo, who is one of our favorite remixers, imbues the track with an elastic funk thanks to a shuffling dance groove, a heavy-duty bass line and kicks that won't quit "

Link to Hit The Ceiling (Zikomo Remix)

Listen to Zikomo's Upbeat Remix of Childish Gambino's "Terrified" (2016)

Link to Listen to Zikomo's Upbeat Remix of Childish Gambino's "Terrified"