Zaret Guadalupe Proa

Zaret Guadalupe Proa is a surface designer working in Long Beach, CA. She is a Chicana artist. In her art, she merges the intricate world of printmaking with diverse media such as textiles, and embroidery.

Her Mexican heritage influences her creations and she draws inspiration from artists like Odilon Redon, José Guadalupe Posada, Francisco Goya, and various German Expressionist woodcut artists.

Her artistic journey serves as a vessel to convey a healing message, offering a glimpse into her mental health struggles and triumphs. Each piece is a testament to resilience and explores the intricate connections between heritage and healing. She crafts a visual dialogue that speaks to the complexities of the human mind and the power of artistic expression.

Through her art, she aims to inspire understanding, empathy, and healing, fostering a connection that transcends cultural and emotional divides.


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Zaret Proa

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Artist Work

Simplemente Amigos (2010)
Plate Litho

Link to Simplemente Amigos

Self Portrait (2010)
Lithograph.Self Portrait.

Link to Self Portrait

Seafoam Waves (2017)
Encaustic painting

Link to Seafoam Waves

Soy Lupita (2022)
Linocut on fabric with handwoven base

Blood Moon (2009)
Woodcut Quilt