Zack Pinion

I am a mixed media artist, muralist, illustrator, designer and student. I use paint, pigment and pixel to explore the boundaries between abstraction and representation. My paintings feature a range of mediums, including acrylic, gouache, spray paint, pastel, and collage, among many others. I limit myself to no particular form of artistic output, be it abstract pop art, character design, large scale murals, graphic design, 3D design and much more. As I navigate my artistic trajectory, I find more ways to relate and cross contaminate my numerous creative styles and techniques.


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Contact Information

Zack Pinion
(702) 335-0715

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Artist Work

‘Live Bait’ Mural (2021)
351 sq ft. mural in spray paint around steel trailer.

‘No Future, No Past’ Mural (2021)
500 sq. ft. Mural in spray paint on the side of a private residence.

‘Water Pollution’ (2021)
30x40x1’ mixed media commission on canvas