Xavier François

I have been drawing and painting as far back as I can remember with an immediate interest to realistic details such as gothic architecture and sweeping swaths of red taffeta. I have had only a few classes in drawing and painting. I love watercolors because I am working with water over which I rarely have any control and which constantly challenges me to adapt. Nothing can replace the brilliant luminosity of paper coming through successive washes of pigments subject to the rules of water and gravity that the artist carefully orchestrates, if he is even a little successful, into an atmospheric illusion of unparalleled clarity and enchantment. Unlike oils, which I have tried, there are few second chances with watercolors to correct an error without losing your principle allies, the brilliant rough texture of white paper and the spontaneity of water at different levels of dampness. Those first few washes, splatters and accidents take on a life of their own and determine the direction and focus of the work.


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Xavier François
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Artist Work

Country Road (2017)
An academic exercise in using only 2 transparent watercolors, phthalo blue & burnt sienna, infinite permutations of wet on wet on wet, using 3 brushes: 1 water, 1 blue, 1 burnt sienna, applied each in succession, allowing the individual properties to blend and diffuse unmixed, memory work.

Thaddy Boy (Jack Russell) (2013)
Both wiry and silky, my favorite dog, young, alert, and ready to please in a wooded ‘intimiste’ landscape, highly energetic, chaotic energy, love in his luminous intelligent eyes.

Looking at You (2018)