Growing up in a melting pot like Los Angeles, my culture has become a patchwork of hundreds of other cultures. I paint to communicate the high colorful energy of brown people while also portraying the social frustrations we deal with. I enjoy painting my modern subjects in surreal or futuristic settings. My main goal is to paint larger pieces such as massive murals or installations and. I also modify and painting clothing. A dream of mine is to design for different companies, even outside of textiles. I strive to be the example of a successful black Male artist that I did not see or experience as a child. I have experience in woodwork, ceramics, silkscreen, computer art, and construction. I have also organized many community art shows. I am a recording and performing artist as well with a following in long beach and the surrounding areas and would also love to sing at events.



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Contact Information

Noah Frazier
(562) 850-7792

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Artist Work

Nip comission (2020)

Link to Nip comission

Cleo (2020)

Link to Cleo

Quinn (2020)

Link to Quinn

Depression - Big Ghost Frazier (2019)

Link to Depression - Big Ghost Frazier