Michael Wolfgang Bauch has been in the filmmaking and video creation business for over 20 years. Past projects have included filming on location in Alaska in minus 14 degree weather and filming on location for the History Channel in the Pentagon and CIA buildings.

Some of my favorite projects though have been filmed locally right here in Long Beach, including my bicycling documentary Riding Bikes with the Dutch and filming for the Long Beach Folk Revival Festival Festival. I’ve also filmed for the Long Beach Business Alliance, covered the Adler Paddler race on Alamitos Bay, and filmed on location in Cambodia Town to promote local businesses and bike transportation.

My goal is to tell the story in the best way possible using what I have at hand. I’ve found that it’s always good to plan ahead, but also be open to possibilities and let the story evolve. Some of my best shots and experiences have come from those unplanned moments.


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Michael Wolfgang Bauch
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Artist Work

Riding Bikes with the Dutch - Movie Trailer
This movie trailer was filmed in Long Beach and Holland and highlights the ways in which cycling can impact a city in a positive way. The film premiered here in Long Beach at the Art Theatre and helped to highlight bicycling revolution happening in our own city.

Young Arts Demo
This promo I created for a non-profit called Young Arts helps to illustrate the amazing work that they do in connecting young people to the world of artists.

Long Beach Folk Revival Festival Promo
This video promotes the Long Beach Folk Revival event in Long Beach.