Before moving to California for college my whole childhood revolved around the art community of Miami, from the art schools growing up, watching the Art District grow, skateboarding through Wynwood and being a part of something that would inspire the rest of my journey as an artist. I remember muralists coming to the old marina to try out new concepts and watching them change the entire mood of the place with color. Since then it has been my goal to bring the same feeling I had then, to every wall or canvas I paint now. My color palette is reflective of the tropical, vibrant, saturated colors I grew up around. It’s my mission to bring these colors to cities all over and inspire others to create and grow.


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Vladimir Noel

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Artist Work

Tap-Tap (2019)
"A different view of Haiti"

Link to Tap-Tap

The Worker (2019)
Acrylic on paper

Link to The Worker

Portrait Study (2018)
This is a timelapse used to briefly show my process when creating digital portraits.

Link to Portrait Study

Chokola (2019)
Acrylic on paper

Hex Bee (2019)
Live painting over LB Art walk weekend

POWER (2019)
self explanatory