Guitar and Bass player, Long Beach musician for over 12 years.


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Eric Whitt
(562) 708-8429

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Spanish Bay
guitar cover of the song, Spanish Bay by Strawberry Girls

Strawberry Girls-Spanish Bay(cover)

I do not own or pretend to be able to write any music this good. All rights reserved to Strawberry Girls. I just learned to play it on guitar! Enjoy!

Clever Girl
Guitar cover of Clever Girl By Sharptooth

Sharptooth-Clever Girl(cover)

I do not own the rights to any of the art used in this video. just play the guitar on youtube. I don't intended to make any money from this either! just go check out Sharptooth: https://www.facebook.com/SharptoothMD/ or my band Hartsick:https://www.facebook.com/hartsickca/

Live at Lola's FIrst Fridays (2018)
featuring Tom Kendall Hughes

Eric Whitt

1st Friday Blues