W.A. Raigosa

W.A. Raigosa is a Chicana artist based in Long Beach, California. Her focus lies heavily on the body, heritage, and tradition as it relates to culture. She is deeply inspired by her family’s histories as they connect to fiber making and trade. She has won consecutive art awards from her university for the past 3 years and has shown her work throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.



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Wendy Raigosa

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Artist Work

Reborn (2018)
Found furniture, found fabrics & cotton.6'5"(h) x 21"(w) x 21"(d)

Young Adult, Grove Gallery (Installation) (2018)
Found furniture, fabrics, cotton, and plastic.11’(h) x 11’(w) x 11’(d)

Maria Luisa (2018)
Found fabrics, crocheted yarn, plastic, dye, & wood.6’1”(h) x 32”(w) x 28”(d)

Multicolor Pink Crochet Dress (2018)
Made for cats sizes S-L