Wendy Raigosa

Wendy Raigosa is an interdisciplinary artist, based in Los Angeles, CA, who uses various mediums to explore spirituality as it relates to life, loss, and death. Raigosa accomplishes this by transcending the physicality of art into forms that are more fluid in structure. Still objects, robotics, collage, and video; are all mediums Raigosa uses to engage the idea of the mystic. Asking questions of what it means to be a spiritual being in a physical body, and how does this spiritual being interact with life and death. 

The work of Raigosa is made to question, to comfort, and to provide strength. It is a medium to return what was lost and to demonstrate the fluidity of the circle of life.



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Wendy Raigosa

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Artist Work

Familiar (2019)
Mixed Media Collage

Answer and Healing Headdress (2019)
Found fabric, synthetic dye, and red thread.