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I was introduced to theater photography and invited to work as a resident photographer for the Orange Curtain Theater in San Juan Capistrano, CA.  My work was featured in the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register Newspaper, local newspapers, internet sites, and Back Stage West, a weekly editorial/casting trade publication.  It was in this realm that I felt ignited and passionately completed the tasks of shooting performers’ headshots, musicians, press releases, marquees, and background photos.  My speciality involves photographing in low light with a small footprint – for example, no tripod, flash, or guest intrusion.  I love capturing movement with the use of my favorite style – photojournalism with a focus on the subject’s eyes known as “the window to the soul” to invoke a spiritual image.  Additionally, photographing musicians in a venue setting provide an ability to utilize a photojournalistic style and invoke an emotional and rhythmic response from the audience by the image – known as capturing their essence.



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Artist Work

Musician (2019)
The image was taken @ The Wine Bar in Long Beach, CA

Musicians (2019)
The image was taken @Blue Whale in Los Angeles, CA [Little Tokyo]

Musician - Percussionist (2019)
The image was taken @ Roscoe's Jazz Lounge in Long Beach, CA

Peony Pavilion Chinese Opera (2011)
Peony Pavilion Chinese Opera performance to highlight theatre during the Ming Dynasty era.