Viviana was born and raised in Los Angeles. She has always been an artist. As an only child, she found that painting, singing, writing, and drawing would allow her to express herself. She started working at age 15 and has worked in many different fields, but drawing and painting have never left her side. As a teen, she would show at her friend’s organized backyard art shows, and as a young adult, she found herself in cafes.

While living in AZ, she participated in a mural with many incredibly accomplished artists, and more recently, she has had the honor to work on a new mural in North Long Beach. Now that she has settled into her career as a teacher, she is working to enrich her students’ learning and development through art. She has attended a residency at the Kansas City Art Institute and is shown in their gallery.

Viviana has a deep love and connection to art. She feels that art is a form of communication and can help everyone express anything, develop critical thinking skills, and grow self-esteem. Viviana hopes to continue to grow as an artist and share it with her Long Beach community and students.


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Viviana Chavez

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Artist Work

Compassionate Matriarch (2022)

Link to Compassionate Matriarch

Group Mural AZ (2022)

Link to Group Mural AZ

Mural (2024)

Link to Mural

Otomi Skull (2022)

Link to Otomi Skull