Violet Rangel

My work is a combination of therapy and healing for myself as well as a desire to inspire any eye that is receptive and in any big or small way prepared for a shift in awareness. My art is feminine with soft shapes accompanied by black lines and dark shadows expressing the true contrasts in nature. Beauty, colors, female forms and flying animals and insects are ways that I connect with light and create with this intention to ignite a spark of light within the viewer.


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Violet Rangel
(562) 281-2579

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Artist Work

Mermaid Issues - #1 (2018)
This water color illustration shows development of soft line work as well as minimal color use for maximum affect. A comical view of the issues that a mermaid may face as well as the patience needed by an attractive woman who wishes to maintain her lightness.

Anne Bonny (2016)
This ink drawing shows the progress from the thicker blotchy darker lines and shadows to the softer more feminine lines and colors. This image of one of the first recorded female pirates is to inspire power and determination to face shadows and work with them.

Padre (2018)
A commission portrait from a photograph taken in the 1920's. Acrylic on canvas.