Verse Collective

I’m an oddities creative working to establish a creative collective as a space for BIPOC and LGBTQ people!

I work with ethically sourced natural materials such as bone, insects, and plants to make jewelry and keepsakes. I also specialize in horror paintings and frequently use acrylic and oil. These painting depict abstract faces that take on a more macabre/morbid theme. I aim to expand my mediums and branch into new forms of artistry, such as rug making, pottery, and metal smithing!

Ultimately, the goal is to create a collective that supplies resources, classes, and holds space for those that need it. It will somewhat serve as an artist commune someday I hope. So while my individual work is Verse Studios, I promote the name Verse Collective as a means of pushing the dream.


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Contact Information

Shira Tagle
(661) 281-5780

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Artist Work

Signature Jewelry (2022)
Bones harvested from owl pellets that were then processed and adorned on lightweight polymer clay. Hardware is made from solid brass.

Part 4 of a series on macabre faces (2022)
A painting made using watered down acrylic to layer and made to resemble water color. The sunken eyes and implied distorted facial features are consistent throughout this series.

Oddity realm and wall hang (2021)
I made what I call realms where I create settings inside small misc enclosures to capture the beauty of different oddity elements. Sometimes these pieces are even memorial pieces for past furry loved ones.