Vera M Allen

Welcome! My drawings and oil paintings express my original ideas and feelings. My inner spirt and imagination guides me through the development and creation of the drawing or painting. My concept for my drawings is Line Expression. In which I create images through constructing, building spaces, pathways, landscape, doors you can walk through and rooms you can walk into. My lines compose of rhythm, movement, and energy. My passion lends itself to my imagination which evokes mystery, emotion, excitement and food for thought! I invite you to experience it for yourself. Exhibitions: 2008 Holiday Art Exhibition, Long Beach Arts Gallery. 2009 Annual Membership Exhibition, Long Beach Arts Gallery. 2014 Gallery Exhibition, Vanguard Cultural Arts Museum Gallery Moreno Valley California. 2014 Artist Spotlight Publication, The Press Enterprise Moreno Valley California. Without question, my education and experience have been invaluable in shaping my passion and love for art.



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Vera M Allen
(562) 284-3787

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Artist Work

Please Come In (2014)
An invitation to participate and experience the unexpected.

Creation Speaks (2015)
The five senses which are sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch gives us access to pay attention to what creation has to say.

Behind The Rainbow (2019)
It has been said at the end of a rainbow there is a pot of gold. But if you can imagine a place of vibrant colors, beauty and peace that is what you will experience Behind The Rainbow.

The Heart And Sound of the Organ (2015)
The classic sound and tone of the organ is undeniably unforgettable. It paints and creates its own movement, rhythm, and patterns. A decorative design in sound. it has always been said red is the color of the heart.