Vannia Ibarguen

International performer, choreographer, and Artistic Director of ​​​​​VIDA Vannia Ibarguen Dance Arts, a contemporary dance troupe based in LA. Her focus is in the interaction between performance and technology, and also the relationship between classical, contemporary and folk dance styles. She has received awards in United States, Peru, Argentina, Cuba, Colombia, and the NDEO Excellence in Education Award (National Dance Education Organization).
Vannia is a recognized International Performing Arts consultant, collaborating since 2011 with Global Water Dances, an international initiative that raises consciousness on the critical need for safe drinking water, and now she is serving as Artistic Director. She also organizes “Encuentros de Pura Danza”, an annual contemporary dance festival held in Peru since 2012, in collaboration with the Peruvian-American Cultural Institute (ICPNA)
Vannia has +20 years of experience teaching contemporary dance, modern, ballet, jazz, dance/technology, improvisation, dance composition. Her interest as educator is to promote body awareness in order to enrich the student movement potential, intellectual/emotional development and well-being. Vannia earned her MFA in Dance from the University of Maryland.

“Vannia Ibarguen is a very talented performer and choreographer who has a knack for drawing the audience in with humor, only to infuse serious realities to make them think.” ~ Jeff Slayton



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Vannia Ibarguen
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Artist Work

Through the Distance
Full length work for 8 dancers. How can we continue in communication and our relationships with people who are important to us? Multimedia and dance in a multi-location environment.

Link to Through the Distance

Through the Distance Video Clip

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Inhabited Woman
Full evening solo dance work that explores the physical and emotional changes during pregnancy, as well as how to balance work and motherhood. On this production predominates the use of diverse dance languages, multimedia and shadow theatre.

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It is a solo, but I'm not alone

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"Yma" is an exploration that transports us –through shadow works, multimedia and original music- to the mysterious World of Yma Sumac, exotic Peruvian born soprano whose spectacular vocal range and exotic persona made her and international sensation in the 1950s.

Link to Yma

Global Water Dances
Global Water Dances is a biennial worldwide event of outdoor dance performances illuminating the disaster of world water crisis, inspiring and empowering citizens to take action. The Global Water Dances event brings local environmental experts and organizations, artists and members of the community together in a process that can build ongoing collaborations, through site-specific dance performances happening in more than 100 cities all around the world the same day.

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Cholo Soy
Choreography that mixes traditional Peruvian style and contemporary dance, with chill out music of composer Jaime Cuadra based on original Peruvian Creole Waltz composition by Luis Abanto Morales