Vanessa Guerra

My illustrations are inspired by my culture and interest in improving accessibility for and representation of womxn, queer, and persxns of color. I promote self love and care while dealing with anxieties. I’m able to make these topics more accessible turning them into zines or wearable that one can take home with them.

Artist Work

Ya Estx (2018)
I try to incorporate as much color into any illustration that I make. This piece was inspired after attending an event in Boyle Heights I witnessed vendors from Mexico weaving serapes. I observed a mujer taking a break surrounded by many hues.

Ofrenda (mi) (2017)
Created before dia de los muertos was approaching. My mental health was at a low trying to wrap my head around the absence of a persyn. It is an offering to those who have passed, being in solidarity with death.

LLORONX (2018)
Based of the loteria card game, I made mi own card based off the myth of La Llorona or " the weeper." Since I identify as NB it is spelled as Lloronx making it genderless, allowing anyone to relate. I screen-printed this illustration by hand on a shirt.

In Retrospect it was Always an Obsession (2016)
Distortion and masking is important for my video work as it allows me to take on many identities interchangeably, all while navigating through my own. Audio was a collaboration between a friend and I.