Vanessa Guerra

Vanessa Guerra (they/she) is an multimedia queer Artist from Long Beach, CA. Their current work focuses on digital illustrations however, they also like to use video, textiles, and traditional drawing materials as a form of fabricating. Themes occasionally found in Vanessa’s work are identity, nostalgia & memory which are brought to life with the vibrant use of a variety of colors that can be found in their culture. They are interested in how memories and identity are woven together, improving accessibility for and representation of womxn, queer and persons of color. Their process of navigating through their experiences by dealing with anxieties and traumas is also part of the creative process. It is part of healing; their path towards self-love.

Artist Work

El Jardin De Los Bisabuelos (2022)
I try to incorporate as much color into any illustration that I make. This piece was inspired after going back to visit my great grandparents house in Mexico. It didn't feel the same, I wasn't greeted like I normally was, due to them no longer physically being here. My favorite spot at the house, is the garden. Being surrounded by the nopales made me feel closer to mi bisabuelos.

Fuerte Como Un Nopal (2021)
At the height of the femicides protests in Mexico, was also around the time I was invited to participate in a group show titled "Eres Poderosa." I wanted to honor all the women who lost their lives and show strength through a character.

Here, Together (2020)
Birthed out of experiencing isolation during the beginning of the pandemic, interactions and connections were longed for. Knowing we were all going through it together provided a sense of comfort, but I deeply missed hugs from mi family and friends.

Existir Es Resistir (2020)

Link to Existir Es Resistir