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I am an artist and designer with a passion for finding colorful expression of the human experience. My artwork ranges from pen and ink drawings to detailed architectural renderings, but I really feel my most authentic self with a paintbrush in my hand. I find painting as a medium to be very freeing and allows me to explore and express both inner and outer experiences.

I am deeply inspired by music and almost always paint to an album or playlist, which gives my pieces a sense of rhythm and movement. I also like to write little poems that describe the paintings or the inspiration behind them. I have found that painting and poetry are an essential form of self-care and self-expression, and I believe that art truly has healing power. I hope my art is able to inspire someone or resonate with someone who needs it. And most of all, I hope it spreads love and good vibes to all <3


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Juno (2019)
In Roman mythology, Juno is the Queen of gods She is the goddess of love, fertility, and femininity, but she was also known as the armed protectress of women and the community Her sacred spirit animal is the peacock, and she is associated with rejuvenation, strength, and renewal.

Closing In (2019)
Closing In is an abstract representation of my internal struggle with anxiety. The dark corners closing in on the calm, peaceful center. The feather-like brushstrokes and dots push back against the darkness. It can also be seen as a bird flying out of a tunnel towards the light.

Joshua Tree (2018)
Twilight in Joshua Tree National Park... The sun sets over the mountains and the whole sky lights up with stars... The trees come alive and dance under the galaxy