Trinidad Ramirez

I mission is to help people escape the real world throw my painting my world is all freestyle I start with an idea of something I saw or a memory I sketch out a drawing and if I like it I move it over to a digital or oil painting I make my own canvas depending on the size I want the art to be


Contact Information

trinidad ramirez
(562) 209-7670

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Artist Work

rancey (2017)
45x 35 oil painting of my dog named racey his about 16 years old and i wanted something to remeber him by and practice painting pets

unknown man (2017)
a portriat of a known man that i saw on instgram i like the lighting of the picture and all the detials it had this was just a quick sketch

the best art show (2016)
I printed out image of money to make this collage the best art show