Transennial is about content and program driven by whatever pops up; committed to improving community and schedule across in across, beyond and through intervals of years.



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John Thatcher Montgomery

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Video (2020)
Like a diary. Else,took my diary.Thinking of trademarks from Brian Battjer.Feeling nostalgia for... future. I'd never knew. Creative vomit music duo uno lady walking cardgame.

Transennial - Screen Scream (Bad Alt.)

No Description

Untitled (Flutter) (2019)
Pixels across short and specific spectral of light through a corridor of time create natural relationships between screen and viewer.

Triad of Performance (2020)
Explores a perspective on three elements of contentedness to self-expression. Love building on trust providing power. The thirsts for words and works of which we and others are vulnerably honest and gladden, not abused. Music: echoed - window like from ccmixter

Link to Triad of Performance

Untitled (Something Like a Recap) (2019)
As a destination for digital content and programs, Transennial represents a many splendored theatre of links and pixels that range from music videos to performing arts, movies and trailers to international news. Something like a biennial.

Link to Untitled (Something Like a Recap)

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