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Toria Maldonado is a multidisciplinary visual artist from and currently based in so called Long Beach, California on Tongva land. Their pronouns are they/them. They primarily use figurative painting and digital illustration to create art surrounding issues of self, identity, and community. Working at the intersection of art and advocacy, much of their work reflects the nuances of their non-binary Mexican-Japanese American identity. Largely informed by contemporary issues through an abolitionist, decolonial lens, their current work focuses on public engagement and local fundraising, centering queer and trans communities of color.

In 2019, they received their Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from California State University, of Long Beach, with an emphasis in Illustration. Their work has been exhibited in Sur:biennial’s 2019 Generational: Local Latinx LGBTQIA Artists group exhibition at the Long Beach City College Art Gallery, Brea Gallery’s 2020 and 2021 Made in California exhibitions, and El Comalito Collective’s Black & Brown Bodies With Plants II group exhibition. They are a visual artist in artist pools for Arts Council of Long Beach and Metro Art LA. Currently, they are freelancing with Latinx 4 Social Movement and Nalgona Positivity Pride and its online boutique Seeds from the Flesh. Additionally, Toria will be creating new works for their upcoming solo show, Tough to Be Tender (TBD due to COVID-19).


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Toria Maldonado
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Artist Work

Saint Marsha (2018)
30" x 22" silkscreen print on stonehenge paper; Trans activist Marsha P. Johnson is re-imagined as a Saint -- referenced primarily from Saint Michael the Archangel. Accompanying Johnson is all the names of the trans women killed within the last year.

Link to Saint Marsha

Victoria and Dad (2019)
28" x 34" oil and collage on canvas; Using a direct reference from a photo of my late father and I, I incorporated collage throughout the painting sourcing various old family photos. By patterning these photos, I create not only a commemoration of my father, but a family quilt that showcases snapshots meant to revisit childhood memories. This painting serves as a place for vulnerability, nostalgia, and releasing grief from the death of a parent.

Link to Victoria and Dad

Tough and Tender (2019)
48" x 36" oil on canvas; Self-portrait

Link to Tough and Tender