ThunderVoice Eagle

Much of ThunderVoice Eagle’s motivation comes from his culture. ThunderVoice is of Navajo and Totonoc (from Mexico) decent; representing both sides of the border. Throughout the years his people have gone through significant changes due to the removal and assimilation process. Since that time it has been a battle to salvage parts of culture. His father and mother played a significant roll in passing on to their family wilderness survival and awareness skills. With that came many parts of the foundation of his culture. Most of ThunderVoice’s life was spent in nature; living off the land and teaching youth. The fashion and art he creates are the outcome of this way of life. Learning to live between two worlds. This created a new, contemporary blend of the ancient and modern.



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ThunderVoice Eagle

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Native American Gothic (2018)

On The Wind (2018)

Wind Walker (2018)

ThunderVoice Hat Co. Samples (2018)

Link to ThunderVoice Hat Co. Samples