Thomas Tulak

“Laughter is the best gift any one can give.” -Thomas Tulak, personal motto.

Thomas began his career at age 6, as a child actor. He is most known for his role as the youngest Lost Boy in Steven Spielberg’s 1991 family adventure film, “Hook.”

After studying filmmaking at the Art Institute of Los Angeles, Thomas formed Easily Amused Group productions and began producing award winning short films and web series.

Thomas began filmmaking in 2009, with a regularly updated Youtube channel. Sense then he has directed 11 short films, several of which have screened in film festivals (including Comic Cons) and won multiple awards; and he is currently in production on his 12th short, a Star Wars fan film set in an alternate modern day Long Beach.

He has also created 4 web-series, one of which has over 300 episodes.

Thomas has been an independent contracted videographer since 2014, covering a variety of styles, including event documentary style videography, event lecture style videography, corporate promotional, narrative fiction, vlog (video blog), and wedding videography.

Thomas Joined the Long Beach Acting and Film Association in 2015, and was promoted to the board of directors in 2016


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Cinematography Reel (2018)
Displaying abilities in Cinematography.

cinematography reel

displaying abilities in video editing and cinematography

Writer / Director Reel (2018)
Displaying abilities in writing and directing, as well as editing.

Writer / Director reel

Displaying abilities in writing and directing.

Elvira's Pin Up Girl Boutique 2017 launch party (2017)
Sample of event style videography, documenting the 2017 launch party for Elvira's Pin Up Girl Boutique.

Elvira's Pin Up Girl Boutique 2017 launch party

Uploaded by Thomas Tulak on 2018-01-06.