The Garage Theatre

The Garage Theatre was founded in the belief that independent non-commercial theatre is vital to the future of the art form. The Garage Theatre is a collaborative ensemble that strives to create a diverse body of work, take artistic risks, and uncover social and human truths. We are committed to reaching a new theatre audience by producing affordable works in a unique voice.


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Eric Hamme
(562) 283-3732

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Artist Work

Revenge of the Baron's Revenge (2019)
The mad scientist Baron Frankenstein is back, and he’s craving revenge! So much revenge!

Love, Thunder, and Dynamite (2019)
A staged parody of the cult-classic 80's action film Roadhouse.

Evil Dead: The Musical (2016)
The iconic film "The Evil Dead" is probably the greatest thing to come out of the 1980s, and it's about to get a whole lot greater, goofier, and garage-ier. "Evil Dead: The Musical" is a gore-filled musical extravaganza.