The CRayProject

We are an artistic empowerment movement influenced by black and brown culture, allowing artists to create and display their unique talents through creative and limitless approaches such as dance, theater, visual art and fashion.



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Chatiera Ray
(562) 230-9863

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Artist Work

Wake Up (2016)
This piece explored the the many distractions and burdens we in the lower class communities are faced with from a day today basis It particularly unveils the many strains and harm that all of these conflicts have on our youth and their families

Target Practice (2016)
This was a fun and creative concept video that paid homage to the Southern styled HBCU band and dance teams with a little hip hop spin on it.

Black Sugar (2015)
Very risque dance concept choreographed by Cookie Ray and directed by Kevin Paul Lawrence 3 women sharing and embracing their voluptuous bodies and taking sexy to higher levels Its not as easy to pick up girls at a brothel like you though it was huh These girls will tease you

Queen (2016)
Soft images from the evening length project, Looking Upon Venus