The Beast Brothers

Born in an Aztec temple deep inside the jungle of Mexico, The Beast Brothers spent most of their childhood developing their unique and distinct style of art. Through the years, this royal pair has used their mighty twin powers to create memorable works for Nike, Kidrobot, Reebok, Coachella, Bacardi, VANS, among others. They have also traveled to different countries to teach their secret techniques to aspiring toy designers and all sort of artists focusing on helping them develop their own style. Carlos and Ernesto East continue to make paintings, illustrations and sculptures in their secret jungle laboratories, located in Mexico City and Long Beach, CA.


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Contact Information

Ernesto East
(305) 929-3876

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Artist Work

Quetzalcoatl (2012)
Sculpture based on our Quetzalocatl toy design produced by the company based in US called Kidrobot. This is a 8" version of the figure the original version was 3" and was released in 2007.

Link to Quetzalcoatl

Skullendario Azteca (2011)
We teamed up with our artist friend Huck Gee and created one of the most iconic figures in the toy world, the Skullendario Azteca! that is a mash up between his scull and our calendario azteca design We produced 3 main designs and some unique pieces.

Link to Skullendario Azteca

Cosmic Lords (2016)
This painting was part of the Dark Art show "Conjoined 6" curated by Chet Zar and was shown at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica CA