Terry Braunstein

Throughout my career I have translated my ideas into a variety of media — photography, books, montage, installation, video, sculpture and public artwork. The common thread has been a kind of visual archaeology, exploring the world through research and scientific observation and challenging the viewer to find meaning by delving deeply into my work.

I am, first and foremost, a collector, constantly culling images from books, magazines, and various types of ephemera, usually with no specific idea of how they might find their way into my artworks. Old magazines, encyclopedias, maps, dollhouse furniture and bric-a-brac found at flea markets, yard sales, and used-book stores provide the raw materials that inspire and fuel my work. Lifted out of their habitual context and juxtaposed to form new narratives, the selected images travel across time, allowing viewers to contemplate the past, the present, as well as the nature of time itself. The resulting artwork is often autobiographical and addresses issues of daily life and personal memory, asking questions about the hidden forces that govern the universe and human history.


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Contact Information

Terry Braunstein
(562) 433-4394

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Artist Work

Broken Vows (2017)
Mixed media installation: photomontage, found materials, wire54"H x 44"W x 30"D

Comparative Physiology (1989)
Sculpted, altered artists book: photomontage and mixed media11"H x 7 1/2"W x 2"D

Who is She? (2015)
Video by Kate Lain, inspired by the work of Terry Braunstein. This video accompanied the exhibition at the Long Beach Museum of Art and showed Braunstein process of art making. At this same site, the viewer can also see the catalog for the exhibition.