To share ideas of empowerment, divine influence, extra-terrestrial information and unlocking your inner warrior.
to explore collective consciousness and tap into different sources of life’s code
to connect with like-minded individuals and build a community around shared values.
to pursue creativity with passion, determination, and with intention.
to collaborate with other artists and build a system for support.


I will earn a living creating art and pursue my purpose of communication, travel, and well-being by connection with higher self.
In 5 years I will be an internationally recognized artist with creative opportunities globally, and own a thriving online business.
In 10 years I will be nurturing many communities by supporting and providing valuable knowledge of creativity, lifestyle, and business to future generations.

Short Biography

Teddy Rhodes is an artist, live painter and mural artist.

​Known for his elaborate psychedelic style. Expect to find Complex images with abstract shapes and surreal architecture, Inter-dimensional character design and extraterrestrial tones. Creating a harmony between organic flow with geometric structures.

​Inspired by observations of life and of dreams. Teddy is intrigued by exploring the complex nature of the human experience and is motivated to translate the creativity of a wild imagination to the outer world. He encourages intuitive practices and seeks activation through any form of flow-state mentality.

Teddy began pursuing art at an early age and continues to be a dedicated artist currently.

In 2012 he initiated his journey as a live painter, traveling around the country painting at various festivals. In 2020 he expanded his focus to street art; painting murals for several community projects.

With goals of supporting aligned communities and collaborating with as many artist as possible.

Teddy aims to spark memories of divine influence and promote feelings of empowerment, unlocking your inner warrior, and aspires to help others tap into different sources of Life’s code.



Contact Information

Teddy Rhodes

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Artist Work

Murals for Schools (2021)
These are all the murals I have done #forthekids throughout schools in the area.

Link to Murals for Schools

Live painting and gallery (2021)
These are a collection of the art that I created during events while live painting

Link to Live painting and gallery

Overwatch (2021)
Me with one of my favorite pieces "Honeypot Overwatch"