Switzon S. Wigfall, III “SSWIII”

Switzon S. Wigfall III “SSWIII” (pronounced “S-S-W-3”) aka “Switzon The Great” is an American Music producer, Art Director, Graphic Designer, VJ, and entrepreneur specializing in sample based music, digital art, concert visuals, audio-visual beat music performances living in Los Angeles, California. He also has been doing “Everydays” since 2014 for almost 10 consecutive years now where he creates a new piece of digital art daily. Being heavily into sampling and making beats while being active in the LA beat scene with his background in vj-ing and concert visuals he loves putting “play” into his experiments in his body of work. He turns alot of his everyday 3d digital art rendered single pictures into motion-graphic visuals called “vj-loops”, releasing them for free to all creative communities under a creative-commons license. This has earned him a place in the motion-graphic, music and entertainment industry gaining the attention and hired collaboration of big name clients like Kaytranada, Skrillex, Usher, DJ Nu-Mark, Steve Aoki, Facebook and TikTok to name a few. He often describes his work as “strange and beautiful being in love with vintage films, sci-fi movies, space, toys and nostalgia from his childhood creating beyond his wildest imagination where sound and music is the driving force of my work”.



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Switzon S. Wigfall, III
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Artist Work

MF DOOM | An MF Doom appreciation vj-set (2021)
This A/V performance is a highly experimental set where I mix real video footage of DOOM and mixing it with my own visuals & vj-styles: combining my visuals to one of my former mentor’s words, bars, beats and tracks into a sonic eclectic audio-visual mash.

::: SSWIII x MF DOOM - MF Doom [special appreciation] A/V vj-beat set :::

SSWIII x MF DOOM - MF Doom [special appreciation] A/V vj-beat set ::: I finally found the time and much needed headspace to pay my respects [in my own way] and share the whole experience with you...I've been itching to release this to ya'll through insta-TV and on my YouTube channel for awhile now.

THE TGV | Samiyam appreciation vj-set (2021)
Fun fact: I absolutely love trains! Especially the high-speed ones like the legendary TGV train. In this clip, I'm mixing vintage footage of TGV films from the 80's with my visuals while vj-ing to Samiyam: another producer that inspires me still to this day.

:::: ⚡️"THE TGV"⚡️ [ Full beat producer SAMIYAM APPRECIATION vj-set ] ::::

⚡️"THE TGV"⚡️ [ Full beat producer SAMIYAM APPRECIATION vj-set ] :::: Big appreciation and shout out to one of my fav producer's: Samiyam / track - "Flinstone Car" ::: WIDESCREEN x VOLUME ⬆️ all the way up🔊 from my YouTube channel :::: Enjoy and feel free to reach out to me and say hi @ me: switzon@gmail.com 11111111111111111111111111111!!!!!!!!

A/V Practice | Beats & Visuals - "SKRILLZZZZ" (2019)
Practicing a beat loop I created in Ableton in my home studio to test how it sounds while vj-ing my own visuals to it.

[02.06.19 - A/V practice crap/beat slap "SKRILLZZZZ" [Pt.1] in progress]

Working on my 3rd beat "SKRILLZZZZ" [Part 1 - in progress/practice-crap/beat slap] 🙏🏾🔥💦 emojis if ur diggin' it so far.....

WIP [ Work-in-progress ] - 09/22/22 - "But Then Again... I Could Be Wrong" beat track (2023)
Working on an instrumental beat track showing the viewers how it all looks in Ableton called "But Then Again... I Could Be Wrong" for my upcoming album that was going to be released on Bandcamp called "1!!!!!!!!!!"

Link to WIP [ Work-in-progress ] - 09/22/22 - "But Then Again... I Could Be Wrong" beat track

[ BEAT LOG - 09.22.22. ] - "BUT THEN AGAIN... I COULD BE WRONG" [ W.I.P. ]

This one is fucking nuts, i must admit. 😤😤😤 emojis all day lol... Thank you for the love & support. Please don't forget to smash that "Subscribe" button and ring that bell for notifications so you'll be one of the first to know when I drop something on this platform.